About Padua High School

Established in 1962, Padua is an English-medium High School recognised by the Maharashtra State Board of Education (SSC).

Padua High School is a Christian School, established and administered by St Anthony’s Church, Mankhurd in the Roman Catholic Church. The School is affiliated to the Archdiocesan Board of Education (ABE) under the patronage of the Archdiocese of Bombay.

The School aims at education primarily of the Catholic Community around and to the extent possible of the members of all other communities. The School stands for academic excellence, development of skills and character formation based on the love of God and the service of man as modelled by Jesus Christ, with a view to training citizens distinguished for their all-round development and sincere commitment to God and the country.


Padua High School was started in 1962 by Late Rev Fr. Reginald Fernandes as the Manager and Late Rev Fr Azavedo as the Assistant Priest who was helped by Late Dr Felix John Aguiar. The main aim was to provide educational facilities to the people of mankhurd village. Hence the 1st batch of the school consisted of only five students. The 1st teacher of the school was Ms Eugene D’souza. Inspite of her physical disability she was dedicated to her noble profession and she served our school till 1989, thereafter her health did not permit to continue her service. It was run by the St. Anthony’s Church Trust, the land on which the school is built is provided by the Church.

In the year 1964-1967 Rev Fr. Vincent Gonsalves a young, highly active and enthusiastic priest was deputed as the Manager & Principal of the School, this young, intelligent and multi-faceted priest who by his unstinted efforts paved the way for a highly appreciated institution by Constructing a three storeyed building with the assistance of the architect Late Mr Vyomkeshan and his civil engineer Late Mr M. V. George. Rev Fr Gonsalves was very keen on completing the structure within 3 months so that the students would be given comfortable classrooms and moreover he could accommodate more students because there were no schools existing in the vicinity of Mankhurd or Chembur.