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Dance Competition

The PHS Ex-students Association organised a Dance Competition for the primary and secondary students on Thursday, February 5, 2015. There was a great response from the parents and students and they turned up on a holiday to school for the competition. See dance videos

The winners of the competition are as follows:

Group 1 – Std I & II

  • 1st Prize – Ms Sonpari Gupta (II-C)
  • 2nd Prize – Ms Krisha Rajput (II-C)
  • 3rd Prize – Ms Samruddhi Gaikwad (II-B)

Group 2 – Std III & IV

  • 1st Prize – Ms Manasvi Gaikwad (IV-C)
  • 2nd Prize Ms Suvartha Kellelu (III-B)
  • 3rd Prize Ms Jessica Thomas (III-A)

Group 3 – Std V & VI

  • 1st Prize – Ms Vinaya Rupesh Chavan (V-B)
  • 2nd Prize Mr Varun Jain (V-A) & Ms Shakti Acinash Gotpager (V-A)
  • 3rd Prize Mr Manthan Jathar (VI-A)

Group 4 – Std VII & VIII

  • 1st Prize Ms Krupa Patel (VII-B)
  • 2nd Prize Mr Roshan Shirke (VII-A)
  • 3rd Prize Ms Khushi Tank (VIII-B)
  • Consolation Prize Ms Aradhana Dubale (VIII-A)

Group 5 – Std XI & X

  • 1st Prize Mr Junaid Daniyal (IX-B)
  • 2nd Prize Ms Sneha Jaiswal (IX-B)
  • 3rd Prize Ms Monica Arundhadhiyar (IX-C)

Congratulations to all the winners.

Prize Distribution during the fun-fair on 14th February @ 3:00 pm sharp.