Primary School Fees

School Fees

  • Standard I to IV – Rs 1200 per month
  • Half Yearly Term Fee – Rs 1200 per term

  1. Primary fees will be accepted only from 5th to 20th of each month. If paid in arrears Rs 20/- (twenty) fine per month will be charged.
  2. Fees for March must be paid along with fees of February and fees for April and May must be paid before the 20th of March.
  3. The 1st Term fees are due by the 20th of June and the 2nd Term by the 20th of November.
  4. Those who fail to pay their fees by the 20th of each month will not be admitted to class till the fees are paid.
  5. If in consequence of no notice being given a student’s name is transferred at the close of the month to the class register of the following month, the fees for that month are due whether the student actually attended or not.
  6. No student will be allowed to appear for an examination or test unless all the fees are paid.
  7. Fees should be paid to the clerk incharge of fees ONLY. The school does not hold itself responsible if fees are paid mistakenly or for sake of convenience to any other member of the staff.
  8. Fees will be received during the time reserved for this purpose only.