School Prayers

Prayers area an important of a persons daily life and we at PHS get the students used to this habit from day one.

Here are the prayers our child say:

Prayer before class

Eternal God, Creator of all — I firmly believe – that I am now — in Thy presence — I Adore — Thy Divine Majesty, and I ask of thee — to enlighten my mind – that I may know¬†Thee – more clearly, and to move my heart — that I my love Thee — above all things — and my neighbour for Thy sake.

Help — that I may never — in my thoughts — words or deeds — offend against Thy Holy Law.

Prayer after recess

Oh my God, I love you &
I place my trust in You.

Prayer after class

We give thee thanks — Almighty God — for all the benefits Thou has conferred upon us.

O my God — I love thee — with my whole heart — and above all things, — I am heartily sorry — for having offended Thee — because — Thou are so good, and I firmly resolve not to offend Thee — any more.

Prayer to the holy spirit

Holy Spirit of God we invite you
Into our lives today,
Give us your gifts of wisdom, knowledge,
Understanding, Retention and Recall.
For this we pray.

Thank you Holy Spirit.